In terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS) Number 85 of 1993 and the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER), only Registered LP Gas practioners (Installers) can install and maintain LP Gas installations. The LPGas Safety Association of South Africa (LPGSASA) promotes safety in the industry and to this end offers a variety of practioner training courses as well as tailored safety courses to cover the varying needs.

Mandated by the Department of Labour (DoL), the LPGas Safety Association of South Africa ensures that all registered LPGas practioners (Installers) in this Industry, are competent and work to the required South African National Standards (SANS) to ensure they work safely and that their installations are safe.

For information on practitioner courses kindly contact the Training Co-ordinator Puleng Mokalake:

For information on safety courses kindly contact the Training Manager Sharmilen Naidoo:


LPGas is classified as a "hazardous substance" and it is an efficient form of energy, which has a high calorific value. LPGas must be handled and used with care at all times. We encourage manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, LPGas practitioners (Installers) and end users to adhere to the safety regulations, that have been put in place to ensure end user and public safety. As such, the LPGSASA have in place several programs to assist with LPGas safety, as well as information and guidelines.