Frequently Asked Questions

Certificate Of Compliance (CoC)

How long is a CoC valid for?

Do I need to get a coc for my installation?

Why do I need a CoC?


What do I do when I smell gas?

Where can I find qualified installers?

How do I know if the installer is qualified?

What happens when a qualified installer completes a job that turns out to be non-compliant?

What to do in case of an LPG fire?

Can I complete my own installation?


What can I do if my appliance that I recently purchased has an expired permit?

Where can I check if my appliance has been permitted?


Why can't I turn my cylinder valve?

How far should I open my cylinder valve?


Where do I report any illegal activity to?

How do I know if my cylinder has been overfilled?

How do I know if my cylinder has been illegally filled?

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